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Statement of Purpose: This assessment task is designed to develop skills in conducting a literature search and writing an essay on a topic central to Immunology. Students will need to read relevant journal articles, make preparatory notes and synthesise their findings into a well written review explaining the current understanding in the field on their chosen topic. Students will choose ONE pathogen from a list of human and animal pathogens (to be provided in week 2) and write a 2000 word essay describing the pathogen and its mode of infection with a specific focus on the immune response to the chosen pathogen.
Students will need to:
• Research the immune response to your pathogen and make preparatory notes (8-10 hours)
• Write a 2000 word essay on your chosen topic (10-12 hours)
• Cite a minimum of 10-15 peer reviewed journal articles.
Content Guidelines
Essay Content (Suggested)
• Background information on the pathogen
• How does it infect, what does it do to harm the host?
• How does the immune system detect infection?
• What innate and adaptive immune mechanisms are used to combat the infection? – details on both innate and adaptive responses are required
• What strategies does the pathogen use to evade the immune system?