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Student provided a cogent and accurate analysis of the data collected in the risk assessment.    8
Student’s research accurately identifies resources to help analyze, develop, and implement the data into a workable plan.
Student describes an appropriate plan to integrate the data collected from the risk assessment.
Student presents a thorough review of the collected data.
Student appropriately explains the data analysis plan in a clear and concise manner.
Student clearly and accurately identifies the qualitative or quantitative aspects along with commensurate rationale.
Student details a cogent and accurate process for analyzing the data.
2 points possible    Points possible    Points earned
Matrix is accurate, neat, well organized, and easy to understand.     2
Minimum of three supporting resources, and a reference page formatted according to APA guidelines.

Total    10
This assignment is designed to help you analyze data, and developing a process is a key part of that task. Part of this analysis is using the data collected during your risk assessment phase.
Review the data collected from your risk assessment.
Research at least three resources that will help guide you in analyzing, developing, and implementing your data into a workable plan.
Create a matrix that organizes your research and provides the following:
•    A review of the data
•    Whether the data is qualitative or quantitative and your rationale
•    A process for analyzing your data
•    A plan to integrate the data in to your change project
Include an APA-formatted reference page for all sources cited.

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