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Write a Brochure Preparation Document. This will be on a topic of your choice in Medical and Veterinary Entomology. Your Brochure Preparation Document will begin with a brief paragraph that outlines a clear purpose for the brochure – What is the brochure about? Who is the Intended audience? Why is the brochure needed? This will be followed by an Annotated Bibliography in which you identify the important information that you are taking from each of the five papers that you are using in your brochure. The Annotated Bibliography is NOT simply a synopsis of the paper or a copy of the Abstract. For each of your five papers you will provide the full citation, followed by the information in the paper that you will be incorporating into your brochure. (If the information is contradictory to information found in another one of your papers, please point this out as well.) Your Brochure Preparation Document should be approximately 1500 – 1750 words in length. You must use at least five (5) references from the primary scientific literature