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For this weeks lecture material, click the link below.
Obstetrics Codes
So far in this course, you have been coding procedures. While your instructor may have explained some of the procedures in more detail, you have most likely been examining procedures in the same way you would vocabulary terms, as words with definitions. It might be helpful for you to view a video of a procedure to better understand that procedure.
Click the following link to a video of a Caesarean Section performed by Dr. Madan. Please note: The videos of procedures in this course are recordings of actual surgeries and other clinical procedures. Viewer discretion is advised.
Then composed a discussion post that describes the steps you would take to code this procedure. Specifically, your discussion post should answer the following questions:
What section of the code book would you refer to?
What body system value would you assign while coding a Caesarean Section?
How would you determine the root operation?
How would you determine the body part values?
How would you determine the approach?
How would you determine the device value?
How would you determine the qualifier value?

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