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I want you to interview two older persons. They must be 60 years or older, and if you have elderly family or friends older than 75 years, that is even better. Try to talk to one male and one female, if possible.
Ask them what physical activity they were encouraged to participate during their childhood (about 5 to 14 years of age). What physical activities were they discouraged from participating in? By whom? (Parents, Friends, Teachers, Peers) Since becoming older, what are the changes they have noticed in their own body that has made them alter their way of moving. Ask them to be as descriptive as possible, including what were the reasons given. Please turn in a write up of about three or four pages. It can be in the interview format or as an essay.
If you have any questions, please ask me in zoom class or email me.
Here are some sample questions to ask each older person: You can modify them as you see fit.
Where were you born? (1) Was it an urban/suburban/rural place? (1)
When you were growing up (about 5 – 14 years of age) what was the environment like in your home, neighborhood, and school? (3)
Who or what encouraged you to be active? (3)
Who or what discouraged you from being active? (3)
Were you active as a young adult? (1)
What changes have you noticed in yourself as you have become older? If they do not come up with an answer, help them by enquiring about their joints, muscles, strength, endurance, eyesight, hearing etc. (2)
How is your mobility different now compared to when you were in your 20s? (2)
Are you active now? (1) If yes, what do you do? If no, why? (2)
Any interesting facts/happenings in your life (3)
No grammatical or spelling mistakes (1)