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1) View the attached PDF file of two images of contemporary art. You are asked to compare the works of contemporary art to two pieces of art in Chapters 19 and 20. Please be sure to review the information in the lecture and in the book on the artwork in Chapters 19 and 20 for a full understanding of the piece.
2) Before looking up any information about the contemporary artworks, please respond to them. What do you think the artists are trying to say in their works? How are they responding to the historical artwork in Chapters 19 and 20? I am looking for context and meaning here. Im not grading you on whether or not you interpret the art the way the artists think you should, so please take your best shot at interpretation.
3) Do a little bit of research. Please look up the contemporary artworks and artists. Did your interpretation align with what they said was their goal/statement about the work they created? If not, tell me how his statement about the work was different than yours