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Report Topics:
What are the dimensions of environmental uncertainty?
Focus on the dimensions of environmental uncertainty and its degree of complexity, or the number of different factors in the environment. An environment is typically classified as relatively simple or complex. Also highlight on the rate of change in and among these factors. An environment is typically classified as stable or dynamic. In your report, remember that the most challenging and uncertain situation is an environment that is both complex and dynamic. High-uncertainty environments require flexibility and adaptability in organizational designs and work practices, as well as an ability of decision makers to respond quickly as new circumstances arise and new information becomes available.
The executive summary should
restate the case study – attach a scanned copy of the case instead.
what the problems are presented by this case study and the related theory.
indicate the solutions you feel appropriate for the case.
Formatting notes
· It must be 6 A4 pages in length
· font should be 12 point in a business style such as Verdana, Trebuchet, courier etc.
· report must be fully Justified (Ctrl J)
· typed in 1.15 spacing with headings (if deemed necessary)
Report notes
The style of the report is a report on the research around the selected case study for Introduction to Management/Management Principles.
are to be delivered in frame of:
what the case study is about (do not read the case study – just an overview so the audience becomes familiar with the situation).
what you see the underlying issue/s to be
How did
this case relate to the theory or theories?
What do
you think the solution/s might be?
recommendations and roundup of the case.

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