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I’d like you to submit a self-evaluation or reflection summarizing what you learned in this class, what you contributed, and the changes your writing and thinking have gone through over the quarter.

Please type or paste the headings (printed in boldface below) before your response to each section. You need only to write approximately a paragraph for each. Though I may disagree with your assessment (probably finding it too modest), what you say will inform my evaluation of your performance.
Essays Briefly consider each of your essays in chronological order, summarizing your topic and approach, briefly characterizing the paper’s strengths and weaknesses (through revisions as well), and what you learned about writing by doing the assignment. Even though you are turning in the investigative essay and final Daisey revision please consider them as well.
Writing in general Look at your Writer’s Profile as well as my comments on your essays and consider what you have worked on. Did certain comments seem to crop up frequently? What problems have you learned to identify or correct? What do you still need to work on? Have your strengths or weaknesses as a writer changed over these ten weeks? How has your writing, your attitude towards it, or your understanding of it improved?
Readings/PODCASTS Identify several texts that stand out in your memory from this quarter. What did you get out of these? How did they change the way you think about whatever issue they covered AND the way they were written or performed? Which texts would you change if you could design the course? Also please consider and evaluate the time and effort you put into your dialectical journals and responses and the results of your work. Did you enjoy these assignments? Do you think they were valuable for your writing and understanding of the readings? Can you suggest other reading-based assignments (notes, “road maps,” specific questions, quizzes)? Please name your favorite piece we read or listened to and your least favorite.
Class participation Were you able to learn on Zoom, synchronously and asynchronously?
How did Canvas, Zoom and Peerceptiv work for you?
Did you contribute to the class meetings? What are some of the things you think that you have learned from both the content and the form of our classes? What would you change about them—either in the general form or your own contributions?
PLEASE dont hesitate to suggest changes, activities, etc., for remote learning!
Course content overall What were your most significant accomplishments in the class? How did you challenge yourself? How did you engage with the material?
How did you make through university in the time of COVID?
What is your advice to future students for this class?
What is your advice to help with remote learning?
What were the strengths and weaknesses of your performance overall? What else should I know about your work that might help me evaluate your progress? Anything else should I consider?
Note: The Canvas grade percentages are not weighted.
I.e., to determine the rough quantification of your grade
you need to take # of points earned for a given assignment divided by # of possible points x the weight of that assignment = grade for that assignment as a decimal.
But keep in mind I will consider ambition, effort, conscientiousness, and, most importantly, improvement.

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