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The Feedback Response assignment is setup for you to interact with the assignment feedback you are given (from both my graded feedback and the recap video), and address any of your misses. For this assignment, you must communicate how you would fix/resolve any of the criteria you were marked down on your Excel Analysis assignment. You do not need to re-write the assignment, simply give a 1-2 sentence response to each criteria you missed.
1. I have posted the following original assignment :
– Excel analysis Data Summary
– Excel Analysis Data
2.I have the Following in the word document :
– Recap Video –> WATCH ALL VIDEO
– Assignment feedback –> Read it (blue is partially incorrect, Red is incorrect).
– Deliverable –> Write up your responses in a Word Document with 1-2 sentences addressing each missed criteria. Also, be aware that you do not need to address the missed bonus criteria.

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