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Topic: Childhood Obesity and Management
Compose a focused paper that explains and describes your healthcare issue or topic from a cultural and ethical perspective of inquiry. (You will cover two perspectives in one paper.)
Form and answer two levels of research questions for each inquiry to address your chosen topic.
· State your research questions in your papers introduction.
· Form the body of your paper by answering each research question and support your assertions with evidence (research).
· In the conclusion of the paper, briefly review the issues, research questions, answers, and insights.
Ethical Perspective
Level 1- What are the ethical concerns with childhood obesity?
Level 2 – How does a family socioeconomic status affect childhood obesity?
Cultural Perspective
Level 1 – What cultural values and /or norms influence childhood obesity?
Level 2 –How is childhood obesity addressed differently in varying cultural contexts?
Your paper must be five pages in length and reference four to six scholarly, peer-reviewed resources. Be sure to follow current APA Style formatting standards (spacing, font, headers, titles, abstracts, page numbering, etc.).

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