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Is planning and decision making important from a managerial prospective?
Why or why not ?
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two classmates post.
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Classmate 1:
Planning and decision making are essential when it comes to managing because they make an otherwise chaotic situation more systemized and stress less. When planning, one is more prepared for any situation that may come their way even if theres unexpected outcomes.Planning is not only useful for management but also in everyday life where it is used as a form of balance and managing to-do lists. A manager may plan for the short or long term and within this they may use the decision making aspect of managing. In the process of planning there may be unforeseen issues which may arise and this is when one uses decision making to extinguish any unwanted outcomes. As you can see planning and decision making go hand in hand and you cannot do one without the other.
Classmate 2:
Planning and decision
is important from a managerial perspective. As stated in the book, planning means setting an organizations goals and deciding how best to achieve them.
Decision making is essential to the planning process.
A company thrives from reaching goals, it
provides unified guidance to the entire organization. These skills help with managerial effectiveness such as
distributing time and resources wisely.
An example would be a gym manager planning
how to reach a sales goal. Meeting with employees to train on how to perform a sales pitch could be one way to reach their goal. The manager would need to choose an employee with strong sales skills to train for efficient
sales performance. Without planning and decision making, an organizations goals are unclear and this can cause confusion and chaos.

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