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need 400-500 words in APA format along with references in word document
Chapter 10
Explain the dynamic nature of conflict.
Discuss the conflict process and the five dimensions involved.
Articulate and explain the five primary styles of dealing with conflict.
Chapter Reaction Paper Prompt
A 400-500 word reaction paper will demonstrate that you have critically read, analyzed, processed, and critiqued the chapter for class discussion.
Your writing will show your full engagement with the content of the chapter.
You should focus your writing on one section, theory, or concept in the chapter to demonstrate both your knowledge of the content and your ability to apply it to organizational communication.
Chapter Reaction Papers should follow APA stylistic guidelines and
are required to be submitted by the end of the instructional module covering the chapter(s) you choose.
Failure to submit on time disqualifies
Identify and discuss third-party intervention options for conflict resolution.

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