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Find an example of religious expression that you find powerful, moving or appealing. (It can be music, poetry, preaching, art, architecture, sculpture, etc.—it does NOT necessarily have to be an expression you agree with or believe in).
Post a link.
Describe what it is about this expression do you like or appreciate?
How culturally rich is this expression? Describe every way you can think of that this art expresses some aspect of a particular culture (values, language, ways of thinking, place, attitudes toward race, gender, power family, etc.) Be as comprehensive as you possibly can.
Find and post an example of artistic expression that you find unappealing or even ugly.
Analyze the work you’ve found: How do you think the artist/author meant for people to receive the work? Why? What exactly do you find unappealing? What ideas, attitudes, and perspectives shape the way you see this? What other ways could the work be received? How could you define art or beauty to encompass the object you posted without also making the definition of art so general that it is meaningless?

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