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How can a manager improve their problem solving skills,
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two of your classmates post.

Classmate 1
A manager can improve their problem solving skills by first gathering all the facts,
the situation and the problem,
figuring out a solution and finally implementing a plan of action to follow. By doing so a business and its employees are able to surpass the problems and strive towards success. Another way to improve problem solving skills is by being open-minded and
having good communication skills. By doing so you could see different points of views and offer different solutions. Finally, by listening to the ideas and inputs of others its a way of having a positive
team work environment.

Classmate 2
A manager can improve their problem solving skills by going the correct techniques instead
assuming and going straight
into conclusion. They can start off by identifying and recognizing
the problem. Once the problem has come to mind its always best to analyze
it to come up with a solution. Then they can go ahead and determined how they want to approach the solution.

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