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As a journalist, you are constantly writing stories to get
attention. Your boss recently asked you to take things to the political
You have been tasked to write an article to address the
four amendments
that you feel have the most significance on the criminal justice
You must include an outline of one landmark case to each
of the amendments
you choose to write about. Find two with which you agree and
explain why the
ruling is solid from a legal reasoning perspective. Find two
with which you
would have ruled opposite of that decision rendered by the Court.
Be sure to
offer a legal rationale or reasoning (no opinion) for why the Court
got it
sure you are clear that these rulings are based on a legal principle
and not the
facts of the case. Example: Roe v.
Wade was not an
abortion case, it was about privacy, and the fact that there
was a pregnancy
completely secondary. In reality, the pregnant woman,
Norma McCorvey, who
brought Roe, could not possibly have
benefited from the case because
she had given birth long before the case arrived in the U.S. Supreme Court.
Your article must be a minimum of two pages in

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