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One of the objectives of Symposium is to develop your networking skills. At Symposium, you had many opportunities to network with fellow students and the faculty. If you are not familiar with networking as a professional skill, this is a good time to develop it. If you have experience networking, this is a good time to refine your skills and focus on your doctoral research ideas and then on your career goals once you have obtained your doctorate.There are two parts to this weeks discussion.
Part 1
Write your elevator speech for your classmates to review and critique. An elevator speech is a short, spoken description that is often used to market an idea or a job candidate to interested listeners who may have an influence on your plans or future goals.Post your elevator speech about your research idea. Do not use a header or title page; simply post your elevator speech script. It should be informal yet professional-a script more than an essay.Your elevator speech should be around 30 seconds to 1 minute when spoken. Include the following information in your elevator speech:
Who you are (e.g., doctoral student in the __________ program at XYZ Technical University, or name your profession)
What the subject of your research interest is and/or your central research question
Why your research is important Write your post as if it is your script and you are saying it out loud to someone who asks you about your research or whomever you approach for help with your project.You may also record your speech and post the recording, but this is not a requirement of the assignment.
Part 2
Answer the following questions: Why is it important to have an elevator speech, to practice it, and to continuously refine it?
How do you plan to use your elevator speech?

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