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Embracing change for is difficult, examine the concepts of change management theories, techniques and leadership.
FIRST: Write two pages explaining what the concepts of change are and how you will handle them with your organization. Your current team has some individuals that are not credentialed but have been on the team for many years.
Due to changes in laws for the Electronic Health Record that require that all individuals have a credential to work inside the record we have to now write a new policy for the organization. This new requirement may require change in some staffing.
Step Two:
Create a policy that covers requirements for the all staff that will be working with the Electronic Medical Record. Make sure that you give a specific time for individuals to get their education or a credential completed.
Header-Name, Class, Section
Typed, Times New Roman 12pt Ft
Cite Sources
Professional looking!!! You can choose how to format this policy to look proper, many different formats look good.
But you must have areas of
Minimum Requirements
Documentation Required
Specific time for completion before termination
administration areas
Step Three:
Create recruitment standards to prepare for the loss of 10
% of your staff that may not have a current credential. Write your standard to show how you will handle this loss when it happens.
Step Four:
Create an orientation program for all staff that will be coming in regarding HIPAA, Electronic Record Policy, and Ethics for the organization.

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