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Design a detailed business plan for a new product, service, or
business venture of your choice. This could be an idea you have been
contemplating or a product presently being marketed, but your business
plan must reflect the uniqueness of the idea. For example, it might
involve the modification of a certain product based on the unique needs
of your community or peer group. Follow the business plan outline
provided in Table 8.1 of the course textbook. Be sure to include:
Title page
Table of contents
Executive summary
Description of product, service, or business
Description of industry or industry closest to your product or service
Marketing plan
Financial plan
Production plan
Organizational plan
Operational plan
Appendices (exhibits)
While it is expected that plan components may vary in length, each
should contain detail commensurate with its nature and importance.
Submission Details:
Submit your answers in a 5- to 6-page Microsoft Word document, using APA style. 100
% original, no plagariasm.

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