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1) We are living in the data mining age. Provide an example on how data mining can turn a large collection of data into knowledge that can help meet a current global challenge in order to improve healthcare outcomes.
APA Style: 150 words minimum. One reference minimum within a 5 year span.
2) Topic: Healthcare Informatics Research and Innovation:
Include intro, a currently emerging healthcare technology system, goals for the product, data supporting the product, healthcare settings (including education), conclusion.
-You should carry out investigation about one of the technologies used in Health Informatics, for example EHR, CPOE, EMR, COSS, eMAR, or electronics devices used in Health Care
-5 pages
-APA formatted papper
– 3 References within 5 years (1 must be course textbook)
the 3 references are provided including a 4th one

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