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Design a 4-5 minute self-running presentation on a female or minority entrepreneur.
Determine the entrepreneur’s impact on their industry based on their actions.
Explain how personal challenges have changed this entrepreneur.
You will choose a female and/or minority entrepreneur who has had a positive impact on the entertainment industry. Create a 4-5 minute self-running presentation with plenty of visuals, facts, figures, and quotes gathered from your research. Use your discretion when organizing and deciding how many slides are going to be presented to satisfy the time allotment.
After reading Chapter 3 of The Guide to Entrepreneurship textbook and listening to a podcast of your choice from Great Women of Business ( choose one female and/or minority entrepreneur to research.
List the entrepreneur’s name, company, and position. In addition, research this person to learn more about who they are and how they use the entrepreneurship concepts.
What is the entrepreneurs background? Include relevant information about their upbringing, family, and personal life. What is the entrepreneurs experience? Include past jobs, companies worked for, and awards.
What challenges has the entrepreneur overcome to become successful? Use the entrepreneurship textbook concepts (3.3 Personal Challenges) from Chapter 3 to support your answer.
Does he/she lead by example? Why or why not? Use the leadership textbook concepts from Chapter 4 to support your answer.
Include a summary at the end of your presentation. Cover key points from your presentation.
Use at least 3 outside sources, including one Full Sail Library source.
A 4-5 MINUTE Self-running presentation with a voice-over narration.
ALL files must be compressed before uploading.
A written script/outline of your presentation must be included (worth 10 points)
Presentations that are under 4 minutes or exceed 5 minutes will result in a ten-point deduction.

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