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(See detail instruction in the attachment)
This is a music paper to talk about the latest artists, music genres, or club scenes that excite your interests.
Cite AT LEAST ONE source from the course reading (I attached them down below) and TWO additional outside academic sources. In total, you should cite at lease SIX sources. You must include a reference cited list (bibliography) at the end of your essay.
(please cite them carefully and easy to find, our TA read our paper very carefully and he will check every citation one by one)
A significant portion of your research will be the course readings, lectures, and listening assignments.
Use MLA citation please.
1200 words, (not including the title or the references cited list), double spaced
Answer the questions listed in the paper instruction that I attached.
I also include a class note document that I took throughout the course which includes all the music genre that I learn.

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