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To prepare for the Assessment:
Think about the characteristics of
Review the
Sherman & Pross (2010)
resource related to workplace culture.
Select a scenario from your current or past workplace in which a leader demonstrated transformational leadership.
To complete the Assessment:
Write a 4- to 5-page paper (not including the title page or reference page) in which you do the following:
the scenario you selected and introduce the workplace leader. Use a pseudonym and/or title only.
Describe the
behaviors or actions
the leader
Be specific and provide examples.
Explain how
these behaviors or actions produce the best care and environment for excellence in nursing practice and a healthy workplace environment
leads to quality patient outcomes.
For each behavior or action,
provide an example of how excellence in nursing practice
taking place.
Explain how the leader’s
behaviors and actions contribute to a healthy workplace culture.
Conclude by explaining the relationship
transformational leadership, communication, and collaboration with other teams
generally and how this promotes excellence in nursing practice.
Use the Competency resources and your research to support your explanations.

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