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The assignment is to write 5 reflections paper for the 5 subjects which I have transferred from my old school (Temple University) to my new school (Philadelphia University). My major: Mechanical Engineering. I am an international student. Started my collage at the US by 2017.
The 5 subjects are(were transferred to the new school):
1- ENG 812: (thats a writing course for international student, we wrote 4 essays about different topics, did few draft, got feed back)
INTELLECTUAL HERITAGE 1: (Thats a reading course for international student, we read history books and we had to write papers about them with getting feeds back from the Dr and made few drafts)
3- Pre-calculus: (Thats the first math course i started at the university and i struggled a lot by the beginning)
4- Statistical Business Analytics (Statistics)
5- Physics 1 (thats the first phy course for me a Mechanical Engineering major)
# I attached a fine example of a reflection paper example (about the same topic)
# 250 word for each paper
# Academic English but not complex please
# Thank you 🙂

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