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This assignment will give you practice and feedback in drafting your thesis statement and presenting one of our sources with an annotation.
Sources you will need to complete assignment and feedback:
Information about thesis statements in your textbook, pages 207-209
The thesis statements page in Week 6s module.
MLA formatting for sources on textbook pages 281-307 or by visiting any site that provides MLA citation guidelines (like
(Links to an external site.))
Sample Annotated Bibliography Assignment in Week 6s Module
Assignment DIRECTIONS (DUE May 18th):
Open a file that you can format for MLA. In the heading write: Thesis, Source & Annotation Draft
Draft a thesis statement for your persuasive research essay (this thesis can, and likely will, change as you continue to research and draft your essay). Type that drafted thesis at the top of the page (after heading)
Next, pick one of the sources you are likely going to use for your essay. Cite that source using correct MLA formatting.
Below the source, summarize it in 4-7 sentences. After summarizing, in the same paragraph, write 1-3 sentences that explains why this source will be good for your essay (and/or how you plan to use it to develop your thesis).
Attach your file in a post, below.

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