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This discussion will require you to submit an initial post and then reply to other students posts. You should submit your initial post by 11:59pm Wednesday, 5/20. At 8am Wednesday, I will post the guidelines for your replies to other students posts.
We have read Chapters 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, and 33 on writing as a process. Those chapters cover the following important stages of the writing process:
writing as inquiry
generating ideas and text
assessing your own writing
getting response and revising
editing and proofreading
In this discussion, Id like you to reflect on the process you have used in writing youve completed for this class or other classes.
Initial Post
Your initial post has two parts, both due in a single discussion post by 11:59pm Wednesday, 5/20. Your total initial post (both parts combined) should be between 100-200 words.
Initial Post Part 1. Describe your writing process. How do you start? What methods do you use to generate ideas? Do you procrastinate? Describe what you do when you write at different stages of the process. You might think about writing youve completed for this class or other classes as you consider how to describe your writing process.
Initial Post Part 2. Explain how this writing process has worked and what you might do to improve the process this term.

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