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This final project will allow you to demonstrate how well you can incorporate the various tools you have learned in class.
The first step is to select an organization. The organization can be a company, a school, or a not-for-profit. Pick an organization that interests you. Our scenario is that you have been hired by this organization to help them develop the following documents and tools:
PowerPoint Presentation
Brochure (six-panels)
The brochure must be created using Microsoft Word. It will be graded based on both professionalism and creativity. The brochure should be highly informational, easy to understand, and pleasing to the eye. Include information about the organization including (but not limited to) brief history, upcoming events, and contact information. You may use a template to get your brochure started.
Flyer or Webpage
Create the flyer or a single webpage using Microsoft Word. It should serve as an announcement for an upcoming event. If the organization does not have any upcoming events, then you may create one for them. The flyer or webpage will also be graded based on both professionalism and creativity. Like the brochure, the flyer or webpage should be highly informational, easy to understand, and pleasing to the eye.
Using Microsoft Excel, create a spreadsheet that outlines the quarterly budget. Think about all of the revenues and expenses that your organization could have. You must complete the following:
At least two charts
Use formulas for any cells that are calculated
Each quarter’s budget should be on a separate sheet
A fifth sheet should show the total budget for the year, using formulas for all calculations. You also must calculate the MIN, MAX, and AVERAGE of the four quarters, including this on the fifth sheet.
NOTE: It is not important that you use actual data from the organization.
You may create the data on your own! What’s important is that you create a professional and functional spreadsheet.
Create an employee database using Access. You should create one table using the following fields:
Last name
First name
After creating the table, populate it with the information for 10 employees (you may make up this data). Create two queries of your own choosing, and create one report. The report should use at least one graphic or photograph.

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