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Q1. Chapter 1
of the
textbook introduces LAN, WAN, and MAN.
Provide an
example of a company that uses each of the following technologies and
why they use the particular technology rather than the other:
Explain what are LAN, WAN, and MAN with sources to support.
List two LAN technologies that are not Ethernet or token ring
List four WAN technologies,
What technologies are found in MAN?
Reference textbook is Guide to Computer Networking Security by M.J. Kizza
Post your thoughts on the four discussion questions below:

What is the relationship between OS and computer hardware?
What are the primary differences between Network OS and Distributed OS?
What is the Difference between a Job and a Process?
What are the differences between Batch processing system and Real Time Processing System?
Reference book:
Protecting and Securing the OS

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