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Chapter 5: SOA Enterprise Architecture Framework and Methodology and
Chapter 6: Incorporating Existing Enterprise Architecture Documents and Artifacts into the SOA-EAF.
Chapter 5
A copy of the SOA-EAF framework is attached. You can print the document and use it as a reference if necessary. Define the following term:
Artifact (as it relates to enterprise architecture)
Answer the following questions:
What is the SOA-EAF framework? What is the purpose of the SOA-EAF framework?
Describe the five columns of the SOA-EAF framework.
Describe the seven layers of the SOA-EAF framework.
What do you need to incorporate into the framework?
Chapter 6
Answer the following questions:
Describe the Zachman
What are a few of the reasons
for migrating a traditional framework
like Zachman
Discuss the general approach for integrating and leveraging a traditional EA like Zachman into the SOA-EAF. What types of documents should be integrated?
You can find additional information about the Zachman
framework on The Framework for Enterprise Architecture
(Links to an external site.)
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