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Respond to either question one or two in 100 words or less. Everyone must also answer question three
1. a) Consider the title and the first sentence of the narrative essay Salvation.
Explain how these are ironic.
b) Are the events in Encounter ironic? Consider Shields disappointment at the beginning of the essay and how her encounter with the stranger seems to relieve her disappointment.
2. Specific details are especially important in narration.
Chose a passage from both essays that contain sensory (sight, smell, sound, touch, taste) details and explain the effect they achieve.
3. Encounter
narrates a small event, two strangers sharing an umbrella.
In what ways, though, may this event be larger than it seems? a)What truths might it reveal about our lives in general?
b)What was Hughes main purpose in Salvation? Why do you think this event was important in his life?

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