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Review the case study below, and answer the questions that are
Provide complete and detailed responses to each question. Your paper
must be
least three pages in length.
The Closing and Relocation of a Call Center
In this case study, you are the regional human resource director for a
Fortune 500 company. You receive an unexpected visit from your vice president
human resources (VP of HR), who informs you that there is a reorganization
taking place within your company. He starts by explaining that the president of
the company has decided to retire after 28 years, and the new president has
decided to move the current headquarters from the Northeast to Texas. No
business reason was provided. There will be almost 1,000 employees redeployed
since the company has existed in the Northeast for more than 75 years. This
information will be released to employees within the next week. The call
center—with more than 500 employees, including your office that is located
within it—will also be relocated to another southern state. All employees will
be offered their current positions and a relocation package if they wish to
move. Those who do not want to relocate will be given a severance package with
outplacement services provided.
Mr. Davis, your VP of HR, is aware that you hired most of the individuals
working in the call center and that you are very familiar with the culture and
employee status. This news will be devastating to the employees
because they
have made this the most productive and efficient call center within
corporation. Mr. Davis came to get your advice on how to best handle
communications plan for announcing this news in your region.
Mr. Davis has taken care of notifications to the state and federal
government (i.e., the 60-day notice required according to the Worker Adjustment
and Retraining Notification [WARN] Act, which announces that the business is
relocating and that employees will be redeployed). From previous experience,
Davis shares with you that you will be contacted by the state to set up
so that the state may address all of the employees concerning the
benefits and services available to the employees.
Mr. Davis shares two important messages from the new president: (1)
this news may be unsettling to many employees, business must be
conducted in
the same professional manner as always, with the least amount of
and (2) whether the employees decide to relocate or not, while they
employed, they must maintain productivity levels, and their metrics will be
monitored as usual.
Mr. Davis informs you that Mr. Woods, senior vice president (SVP) of
region, who is responsible for the call center, is being told of this
reorganization via a conference call with his boss on the West Coast and the
president of the company. Mr. Woods will be joining you and Mr. Davis to plan
the communications shortly. Mr. Davis wants to get a head start on planning
you because he has a flight scheduled back to headquarters that
You begin to outline a plan for the communications strategy; for example, you
include information that will assist Mr. Woods in preparation for his meeting
with his direct reports where he will deliver the news. Other questions you
think about during the development of the outline are as follows: What
information will Mr. Woods give to his direct reports this afternoon, and what
will he give them to share with their managers and employees? Mr. Davis sees
your outline, and he encourages you to develop your outline into a
plan/plan of action and to continue to share it with Mr.
Mr. Davis leaves for the airport, he asks you to report back to him
with any
issues or difficulties you are experiencing with employees. Mr. Davis
also asks
that you report the following information to him: How many
do you
think will want to relocate? What do they want to know
the new
What can he do to help answer these questions for
can he do
to assist you with the communication plan or
within the next 60-day period? Mr. Davis gives you
all of
his contact
and reminds you that he is available to you for
and concerns
at any
the information presented in this case study, present your
communication plan,
and answer the questions below. Your
case study paper
should be at least three pages in length and should follow APA guidelines.
Your communication plan should address the following questions:


are your concerns? For example, how will you motivate the employees to
throughout the 60 days if they have other job offers? How will
all employees to maintain their productivity levels?
In the article “Semper Fidelis! A Recipe for Leading Others,” which is

part of your Required Reading for this unit, Aubrey Daniels describes how
person earns leadership status and explains the importance of
reinforcement. How will your plan help you to establish
yourself as a
What leadership style does Mr. Davis exhibit?
Propose at least three leadership theories that could be applied to this

situation. How will these theories advance or affect employee

You are required to incorporate information from at least three sources in
the required reading for the unit as well as two additional sources in your
response. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material
must have accompanying citations and references. Your paper should be formatted
in APA style to include a title page and reference page.
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