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Each week you will have a lab assignment so that you can practice and strengthen your skills is SPSS. You

Each week you will have a lab assignment so that you can practice and strengthen your skills is SPSS. You have been provided three health data sets in the course folder titled, SPSS Data Files.
A summary is provided for each of the data files.
Browse through the datasets and Identify one that you are interested in working with throughout the course.
This weeks lab will focus on descriptive statistics and t-tests. You will be finding the mean, mode, median, and range. You will also be learning how to create a bar chart, histogram, in addition to conducting an independent t-test.
Complete Parts 1 and 2 in a Word document and then upload your assignment to the course dropbox. Copy and paste the specific SPSS output table into your paper. For example, if you are asked to develop a histogram, please paste the histogram into your paper. Please only include the SPSS output tables that pertain to the lab specific lab question.
Insert output for each question directly after each of your answers.
Part 1 (5 Points): Measures of Central Tendency
For the first part of the assignment, you will focus on two variables: one continuous and one categorical (please refer to this weeks reading for the course text that describes these terms). Below you will find a few videos that will help you complete the lab assignment. If you need to recode your data for any reason (i.e., recode any missing values – please see to learn how to recode variables).
Use SPSS to find the mean, median, mode, and range of your continuous variable of interest. Create a histogram of the same variable. In your own words, explain what the mean, median, mode, and range represent. Please copy and paste your output table.
Create a bar graph for a categorical variable of interest (find one that has more than just 2 categories). What are the percentages for each group within your variable? Do you think the mean of your continuous variable will differ by group? If so, how? Please copy and paste your histogram.
Part 2 (5 Points): T-tests
For the next part of the assignment, you will focus on a continuous dependent variable (i.e., outcome) of interest and a dichotomous variable. Conduct a two-sample t-test (Independent t-test) between your variable of interest and some hypothesized mean value (this is subjective, but try to pick a value that could be meaningful). Explain the output in terms of:
What is the null hypothesis?
What is the alternative (or research) hypothesis?
What are the t test-statistic, degrees of freedom, and p-value?
What is your overall conclusion?

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