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3–4 pages including diagrams
Some of the portions of the project to develop a GUI Java Application for ordering “Famous Favorite Subs” will be completed each week, so you will develop something similar to the following prototype representation of the functionality you should support by the final assignment as a single GUI screen.
For this assignment, you are responsible for developing a list of requirements by writing a narrative about what they should be, based on your own experience with ordering online. Next, represent the design for these requirements in the following diagrams:
Use case
Class diagram(s) for the major actors
Activity diagram(s)
Sequence diagram(s)
Create a Design Document skeleton to update each week.
The title page for Design Document should have the
following information:
Course Number
Course Section
Course Name
Project Name (Unit 1 IP)
Student Name
Add the following section header: UML Model for Project.
Add your narrative to define the system.
Add in your 4 types of diagrams as outlined above
Name the document yourname_ITSD424_IP1.doc.

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