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Complete a 200-300 word action plan and supporting rationale based on the following scenario:
Mark is a Hispanic 8th grade student who has been identified as having an emotional/behavioral disorder, specifically Mood Disorder (Not otherwise
Currently, he participates in a general education inclusion classroom. During his annual IEP meeting, the team reviewed recent test scores and determined he qualifies
for the gifted program in the area of ELA only.
He will continue to participate in the inclusion classroom for the remainder of his courses.
He is very successful in all of his inclusion classes.
Mrs. Stone, the gifted teacher, was not able to be present during the IEP meeting.
She has never worked with a student who has an IEP before.
Mark is the only Hispanic student in the gifted class, which tends to make him uncomfortable.
He says the teacher does not include him in the classroom conversations and speaks abruptly to him, but not to the other students.

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