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Consider the following scenario: You are asked to be the strategic
leader of an organization. To help lead and gain insight, you have
decided to create a dashboard of HRM metrics.
The Final Exam has two required components: 1) a visual dashboard and 2) a paper.
1) Develop a visual dashboard of the different metrics you wish to
track (this could be a chart created using Microsoft Excel, for
example). Your dashboard can include metrics we have discussed, but you
should also consider other metrics that you are already aware of or that
you decide to research for this assignment. Your dashboard should be
thorough, connecting with all aspects of HRM within the organization.
You should also include a timeline and a method for benchmarking
(internal benchmarks, competitor benchmarks, and/or industry
b) Write a paper in which you provide the rationale for your
dashboard and discuss how you will gain strategic support for your
following organizational metrics:
HR Expense Factor (Quantitative)
Human Capital ROI (Quantitative)
Human Capital Value Add (Quantitative)
Revenue Factor (Quantitative)
Perceptions of HRM Within the Organization (Qualitative)

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