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Credibility in the criminal justice field depends on language competence. Learning, and then internalizing, grammatical rules and the appropriate formats and styles to follow when creating a document such as a police report is a worthwhile challenge. Recurring errors are often the result of not internalizing the rules that govern communication. Identifying grammatical errors and attempting to correct them is one of the most effective ways to eliminate those same errors in the future. With conscientious practice, you might be able to eliminate these errors from your communications.
For this Assignment, take the grammar quizzes in this module’s Learning Resources, under Websites and Media. Then, review the correct answers and use them to identify the challenges you face in applying proper grammatical rules in your writing.
In at least 250 words
Describe the challenges you face in applying proper grammatical rules formatting in your writing.
Describe strategies you might use to address these challenges and explain why each might be effective.
Include appropriate resources you may use to address these challenges.
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