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For this forum, choose one of the following topics to respond to for your initial post. When you respond to your peers please respond to a
learner who has posted a
contrary view
on the topic you selected and then respond to a
learner who has posted on the topic you
did not
Topic A: Environmental Ethics
Look up the term Environmental Ethics at, then answer the following questions: Do you think that a book, a plant, or a building can be said to have a good of its own? Can things be done in its best interest? Does it have interests? Explain your answers and whether you think that this is a good reason to think of that as having intrinsic value.
Topic B: Self-Evident Intuitions
Westermarck writes, …a theory which leads to an examination of the psychological and historical origin of peoples moral opinions should be more useful than a theory which postulates moral truths enunciated by self-evident intuitions that are unchangeable. Agree or disagree and give your reasons.
Final Reflection:
And finally, please reflect on the following:
How will you include ethics in your present or future career?
How will you talk about ethics as a career competency?

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