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Activity 1
Think of a situation in your job in which you need to communicate a negative message.
Develop a written message that states the message clearly.
Describe how you would present the negative message in person
Draw on the four parts of a negative message reviewed in the text: (1) Buffer or cushion, (2) Explanation, (3) Negative News, and (4) Redirect
Activity 2
Select one of the scenarios based on your birth month from the linked
document (link-Scenarios for Crisis Communication.docx) (see below for birth month) and develop a crisis communication plan for your selected scenario. See Section 17.3 of your text to learn about the components of an effective crisis plan.
8. August—Hamburgers, Inc.
Hamburgers, Inc. is pleased to announce a new menu practice where the nutritional information and the calorie counts will be prominently displayed, helping consumers make healthy choices from the menu. Your supervisors have heard that there may be representatives of the Cow Liberation Group (which advocates vegetarianism) and several nutritionists (who perceive the company has not done enough to improve its products) at the press conference. You represent Hamburgers, Inc.

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