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As a criminal justice professional, you want your communications to be effective and easy to understand. When miscommunication occurs, there can be negative consequences. For example, incorrect information on a search warrant can make the warrant invalid. Analyzing miscommunication after it happens can be an effective technique to help you reduce the chances of it reoccurring in the future. Refining your communication skills can help you progress both in your life and in your career.
For this Discussion Spark, consider some of the most common mistakes made in communications (verbal, nonverbal, and written). Then, review the media piece The Art of Effective Communication in this module’s Learning Resources. Identify an example from your personal or professional life where miscommunication caused a negative response. Then, consider how a more effective approach might have been applied in your example to result in a positive response.
By Day 3 of Week 3
Post: an example in your personal or professional life when miscommunication or lack of communication caused a negative response. Explain any consequences of the miscommunication or lack of communication. Finally, explain how effective communication might have been applied in your example to promote a positive response.
Note: Discussion Sparks are intended to generate ideas and spark thoughts before you review the week’s Learning Resources or begin your Assignments. Therefore, no APA citations of Learning Resources are required for your Spark posts. For this reason, your responses may be shorter than a regular Discussion post. A response post is not required, although you are welcome to respond to your classmates.

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