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Search for scholarly, peer reviewed research on some aspect of spiritual or religious life. (Note: not all scholarly articles summarize a particular research project, Make sure that the article you choose is a report of a specific research project).
Suggestion: you may want to try using search terms such as: prayer, contemplative prayer, intrinsic/extrinsic spirituality, forgiveness, spirituality, religious, Belief in God, pastors, missionaries, etc. combined with terms like depression, anxiety, joy, etc.)
Answer the following questions about the Article:
What is the research hypothesis of the study?
Summarize the Results or findings of the article (Inferential)
Did the findings support the hypothesized?
How might the results of this study inform your work as a Christian counselor
In General:what rationale can you provide for the value of researchers exploring spiritual/religious topics in research?
Review this article. It will be familiar to you! It was the first article you read for this class on Week 1!
Ravizza, Uitvlugt, & Fenn (2017). Logged in and zoned out: How laptop Internet use relates to classroom learning. Psychological Science, 28(2), 171-180. doi: 1177/0956797616677312.
Retake the Article Quiz (Located below this Learning Activity) to measure your understanding of the article.
Consider how your quiz grade from Week 1 compares to your Quiz grade this week!
Write a reflection on the growth you have seen in yourself over the last 7 weeks in you knowledge of Research Design and ability to critically read articles.
Identify what components contributed most to your growth and learning.

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