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1.) In no less than 250 words, describe the difference between a fat AP and a thin AP.
What is needed to deploy a thin AP?
Are there any security considerations to think about between the 2 different APs?
Respond to two other learners by the end of the week.
Have you or someone you know ever received a chain letter, phishing message, or some other fraudulent message via email? If so, please share this experience. Explain what type of message it was and what you did to get rid of it.
3.) Answer the below questions
1 What is the basic building block of an 802.11 WLAN?
2 Define an extended service set.
3 List and briefly define IEEE 802.11 services.
4 Is a distribution system a wireless network?
5 How is the concept of an association related to that of mobility?
6 What security areas are addressed by IEEE 802.11i?
7 Briefly describe the five IEEE 802.11i phases of operation.
8 What is the difference between TKIP and CCMP?

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