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3 Describing Data
Its common in business to analyze and discuss data. But, theres a lot of data available and its important that the message with each is clear, concise, and cohesive. Using a visual such as a chart or graph helps convey the message to ensure the main idea is understandable.Audience: A sales team that you support
Skills you will practice: Composing a clear and concise message that supports data
Knowledge you will gain: Addressing whats important to your audience and how to clearly and concisely guide them in understanding the data presented.
Write a description of the graph. Cite a fictional source for the data.
Sales team responsible for the large client companies (Kent, Lincoln, Mersey, York)•Purpose:
To identify the critical client to maintain; assume we are at the end of 2019 and looking at the forecast for 2020•Context:
The team lost a few key clients in 2019. There’s concern about the strategy for the clients remaining.
Format: Online text, 1 paragraph
Assignment Value: 10 points
Criteria for Success:
Writer addresses sales teams questions. Paragraph starts with reader-centered topic sentences, followed by relevant supporting details. Source of data is cited. Tone recognizes the reader at an appropriate level.

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