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Nurses provide care to a diverse population of patients. How does the theory of expanding consciousness apply to our health care society today?
Choose either Madeleine Leininger’s or Jean Watson’s theory and explain how their theory would apply closely to the patient population or working environment that you currently serve or work with.
The discussion is worth 3 points.
Please follow all APA 6th Edition Guidelines, including references and citations. Remember, one original post is required with at least two follow up responses to your classmates.
Here is the grading rubric for this assignment. Do your best.

Discussion Rubric
Introduction and quality of discussion’s Argument
1 point
It is consistent with application in research related to its context. Clarity of ideas.
0.50 point
The topic has a partially weak association to the clarity of ideas and related topics.
The objectivity of Tone, overall quality & Review of
Literature in APA 6th format within the past 7 years
1 point
The tone is consistent, addressed professionally and objectively.
Evidence in literature supports arguments.
0.50 point
The tone is not consistently objective. Partially poor evidence in the review of the literature.
Quality of Reply posts
1 point
Consistent clarity and supported by research evidence.
0.25 point
Partially lack clarity or lack of support with research evidence.

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