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Running project scenario Part 1A: The Office Relocation real-work project scenario.
A manager within a company has been assigned to lead a project to relocate the company offices. As described in the introduction, the first step in carrying this out is to develop a project charter. The following project charter was created, and presented for approval for the executive sponsor:
Running project scenario Part 1B: The next step in the project is to identify and assess project stakeholders. This is completed by the project manager and the project team members as follo
Using the office relocation charter and stakeholder analysis as a guide, complete the following:
Identify a project from your work or personal life. The
scenario you select should be complex enough to justify its management as
a project (at least 20 activities).
Create a project charter for approval by the executive
sponsor. Feel free to reuse the template from the office relocation
Identify and assess project stakeholders. Feel free to
use the template from the Office Relocation project.

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