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The Argumentative Essay
Here are some basic requirements of the essay:
· Your argumentative essay will need to be between five(full) to six pages in length.
· You must address a debatable ethical issue that has at least two sides
· Effectively address the rhetorical situation – audience, purpose, context
· articulate a clear position regarding the issue and argue that position with logical reasons
· adequately develop the argument using credible support (research)
· acknowledge the opposing viewpoints and employ counterargument or concession
· identify and explain the assumptions, contexts, and consequences of the various positions.
· Utilize at least 5 credible sources – from scholarly databases, books, etc. (no google or dot com sources)
· MLA formatting
This essay must be 5-6 pages in MLA format. You are asked to engage in some research with a minimum of 5 outside sources. Pick a topic that you are interested in exploring and writing about.
In this Essay, you MUST make an argument/ claim.

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