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Using the company that you chose in Week 4 (FILE), complete the following tasks:
Review the feedback from the week 6, 7 and 8 (FILE)assignments and make the necessary improvements and re-submit as part of the Signature Assignment.
Part 1: Week 4 Assignment –
Improved Product Market Profile
Part 2: Week 6 Assignment
– Improved Environmental Influencers Impacting the Price and Marketing Efforts of Your Company.
Part 3: Week 7 Assignment – Improved Public Relations Review of Your Company.
Part 4: Week 8 Assignment – Improved Company Website Design and Ease of Use.
Part 5: What is the leadership structure and approach for your Company
This section is the structure of the leadership of the company which would be in an organizational chart to show the positions and who reports to whom. Then be specific on the leadership approach that creates the culture of the company. How involved are the employees in decision making, what is communication like in the organization? Does the organization have an entrepreneurial spirit such as Google or is it more traditional with the executives and management making all decisions? This is a much deeper dive into the leadership and culture of the business.
Part 6: Describe how the business addresses Corporate Social Responsibility
This section should give specific detail on how the company gives back to the community. You need to be very specific and detailed including who they work with, how often, how much they donate in time, money or product, and how that has impacted the company. Has the CSR increased the profits for the business?
The assignment needs to include a cover page and a reference page. You must use a minimum of 5 sources other than the textbook and company website.
WEEK 4: You have a good start to the assignment, the profile needs to be supported by actual data and not just your opinion of the product and their customers. Make sure to give actual data from the company that answers the profile questions and include the supporting in-text citations.
WEEK 6: You have a good start on the assignment but more specific detail is needed and there needs to be much more supporting research and in-text citations. Make these adjustments prior to submitting the Signature Assignment.
WEEK 7 : You have a good start to the assignment, remember that the information in the paper needs to be supported by research and include citations. The sources on the reference page should also be cited in the body of the paper.
WEEK 8: You did a very good job on the assignment and it is clear that you have learned about company website and the customer ease of use for your organization. You are doing well with the APA format and your writing. Keep up the good work.

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