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Turn off your computer. Then turn on your computer. Quickly press a special key (computer model and make specific) to stop at BIOS booting.
For Windows 10 computers, press the “F12”.
For Mac computers, press and hold CMD, OPT, “O” and F (OF stands for open firmware). The CMD key has an apple on it and the OPT key is in the same position as the ALT key on a PC keyboard. Enter commands when the prompt 0 > loads on the screen.
Q1: (a)Use your phone to take photos of the screens. Must include all menu options. The purpose is to help students understand what BIOS booting does and what options are there. Submit the photos.
(b) Elaborate the major boot options that you can change for different purposes.
Q2: If you want to boot from a CD, instead of hard disk, how will you change your BIOS configuration?
Q3: If you want to disable using CD and USB drives, how will you change your BIOS configuration?
Q4: If you want to prevent anyone to change your BIOS setting and set a password, what BIOS configuration will you change?
Q5: How will you boot to “safe mode”? What is the security concern of booting to safe mode?
Write 300 words and attach the picture taken in Q1 (a).

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