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The following essential questions that I have posted are critical to help you explore and understand the assigned readings in W Ch.6 and 7 during Week 6.
These questions are intended to drive and stimulate the discussion and move your understanding beyond the plain sense of the text. Reading my PPT and watching the posted videos will guide you to answer these questions.
Please select only one question out of these posted essential questions in these two chapters, answer them and post your responses in the Week 5 discussion forum (50 words for each question minimum). Please write your answers in your own words!!
Please note:
· Be coherent;
· Be posted in the time allotted;
· Be respectful;
· Be scholarly
The following questions are based on W Ch.6:
· After looking over the principles and subprinciples of VanPatten’s Model of Input Processing, give an example of how these principles or subprinciples have been demonstrated in your classroom.
· Explain some of the structured input activities that you use/or you would like to use in your classroom, based on the information in the text and your classroom experience, what is your rationale for using a certain activity?
The following questions are based on W Ch.7:
· What are the grammar consciousness raising tasks? Do you support the implementation of these tasks to teach grammar in your class?Why or why not?
· How are GCR Tasks carried out? A specific example is encouraged to be provided here. Do you think this is beneficial for learners?

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