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Life Skills / Case Analysis pp. 344 – 345
Your Life Skills/Case Analysis assignment is based on chapter eleven (11).
This is a chapter that deals with Leadership Effectiveness, among other elements of leadership, it gives focus and explains the characteristics of transformational leadership, and how transformational leaders get involve and influence followers through a complex and interrelated set of behaviors and abilities.

Your assignment will require that you thoroughly read “Chapter 11” and then proceed and read the Case: Change Competency on page 344 of your textbook and then answer the five (5) questions posted on page 345.
Your written content must be APA format (cover page, each questions on a page by itself, and a reference page).
You must also reference your in-text with the sources cited and the written content must be substantive for each question.
Each answer to the 5 questions must be no less than 150 words.

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