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Office Relocation WBS Example.pod
Entry to WBS Project Libre
Type in the WBS elements of your chosen project into Project Libre using the example of the
office relocation project as given below. Double click the item to show the Task Information screen as you enter each product. Scroll to the tab Advanced and enter the number of the WBS element.
Upon entering all elements of WBS, right-click on the column I
and indent each element of WBS under its respective top-level section. To version the WBS version in Project Libre,
you can now click on Select and WBS The resulting WBS will appear close to the example given for in the Office Relocation.For Office Relocation WBS.pod
Entering Libre Sports Program
Once the deliverables for the WBS are entered in Project Libre, you can now layer in the activities required to produce the deliverables for the project. This is done by right-clicking on the column I to the far right of the table of data entry and then clicking on insert. Enter the activities of your project in Project Libre. Your Office Relocation Project Sample
findings would seem close to:
Office Relocation ExampleLayered Activities Over WBS.pod

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