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In your chosen essay or article, identify and discuss the rhetorical appeals and elements of language and structure that help support the thesis and establish purpose. Your job for this assignment is to name and provide examples of a number of strategies that the writer of your source employs to present ideas and reach a specific audience.
APA format–youre welcome to use the template provided
a thesis that makes an evaluative claim linking rhetoric and structure to purpose and audience
Sample thesis: In [Article Title], [authors] use of [name the rhetorical strategies] effectively persuades [specific audience] that [purpose or main argument of essay], despite overlooking two key pieces of information.
(Text in bold purple may not be applicable to your analysis, but it is there to show you what a more thoughtful and complex thesis might look like. There are LOTS of variations, so begin with the first part of the thesis template, and adjust and add to it as needed.)
a brief summary of the articles main idea or argument and a sample of its major support
approximately 1500-2000 words

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